In the ever-evolving landscape of out-of-home (OOH) advertising, billboards remain a powerful tool for reaching broad audiences. As businesses across South Africa look to maximize their advertising impact, the choice between digital and static billboards becomes a crucial decision. Pinpoint Media, a leader in OOH advertising, offers both options across all nine provinces of South Africa. This blog explores the benefits and considerations of digital and static billboards, helping advertisers make informed decisions for their campaigns.
The Basics: Digital vs Static Billboards

Static Billboards

Static billboards, the traditional form of billboard advertising, have been a staple of OOH marketing for decades. These billboards display a single, unchanging image for an extended period, providing consistent visibility to passersby.

Advantages of Static Billboards
Cost-Effective: Static billboards are often less expensive to produce and maintain compared to digital billboards. This makes them an attractive option for businesses with limited advertising budgets.
Simplicity: With a single, clear message, static billboards can be highly effective in delivering straightforward, impactful advertising.

Long-Term Visibility: Static billboards offer continuous exposure, ensuring that the message is seen repeatedly by commuters and pedestrians.

Digital Billboards

Digital billboards use LED technology to display multiple advertisements in a rotating sequence. These dynamic displays can be updated remotely, allowing for timely and flexible content changes.
Advantages of Digital Billboards
Dynamic Content: The ability to rotate multiple ads means that digital billboards can showcase different messages throughout the day, keeping the content fresh and engaging.

Flexibility: Advertisers can easily update their ads to reflect new promotions, events, or time-sensitive information without the need for physical replacements.
Attention-Grabbing: Digital billboards are bright and vibrant, capturing the attention of viewers more effectively, especially in high-traffic areas.
Digital vs Static Billboards in South Africa’s Nine Provinces

1. Gauteng

As the economic hub of South Africa, Gauteng offers high-traffic locations perfect for both digital and static billboards. Digital billboards are particularly effective in bustling areas like Johannesburg and Pretoria, where dynamic content can capture the attention of busy commuters.

2. Western Cape

In the Western Cape, Cape Town’s mix of urban and scenic landscapes provides unique opportunities for both types of billboards. Digital billboards can enhance the vibrant city vibe, while static billboards can take advantage of long stretches of highways and coastal routes.

3. KwaZulu-Natal

Durban and its surrounding areas benefit from a blend of digital and static billboards. The tourism-driven economy can leverage digital billboards for timely promotions and events, while static billboards remain effective on highways and in suburban areas.

4. Eastern Cape

In cities like Port Elizabeth and East London, static billboards offer cost-effective solutions for long-term campaigns. However, digital billboards are gaining popularity in urban centers for their flexibility and dynamic appeal.

5. Free State

Bloemfontein and other areas in the Free State can utilize static billboards for their affordability and sustained visibility. Digital billboards, though less common, can provide an edge in urban marketing with their engaging content.

6. Limpopo

In Limpopo, static billboards dominate the advertising landscape, especially along major routes and rural areas. Digital billboards, when strategically placed in urban centers, can attract attention with their vibrant displays.

7. Mpumalanga

Mpumalanga’s blend of natural beauty and urban growth allows for a mix of billboard types. Static billboards are effective along scenic routes, while digital billboards can enhance urban advertising in cities like Nelspruit.

8. Northern Cape

The vast landscapes of the Northern Cape are ideal for static billboards, providing continuous visibility along long travel routes. Digital billboards can be effective in urban centers like Kimberley, offering dynamic advertising options.

9. North West

In the North West province, cities like Rustenburg benefit from both static and digital billboards. Static billboards serve well along highways and rural areas, while digital billboards can boost urban advertising efforts.
Choosing the Right Billboard for

Your Campaign

When deciding between digital and static billboards, consider the following factors:

Budget: Static billboards are generally more affordable, making them suitable for long-term campaigns with fixed messages. Digital billboards, while more costly, offer greater flexibility and dynamic content options.

Location: High-traffic urban areas benefit from the attention-grabbing nature of digital billboards. In contrast, static billboards are effective along highways and in rural areas where consistent visibility is key.
Campaign Objectives: If your campaign requires frequent updates and varied messages, digital billboards are the ideal choice. For long-term, unchanging messages, static billboards provide continuous exposure.

Audience Engagement: Digital billboards can create more engaging and interactive experiences, especially when integrated with mobile and social media campaigns. Static billboards offer straightforward, impactful messages without the need for digital integration.


Pinpoint Media offers a comprehensive range of digital and static billboards across all nine provinces of South Africa. Whether you choose the dynamic appeal of digital billboards or the consistent visibility of static billboards, our extensive network ensures that your message reaches your target audience effectively. By understanding the unique advantages of each type of billboard and considering your campaign goals, you can make an informed decision that maximizes your advertising impact.
For more information on how Pinpoint Media can help you leverage the power of billboard advertising, contact us today. Together, we can create impactful advertising campaigns that drive results across South Africa.