In the fast-paced world of out-of-home (OOH) advertising, numbers tell a compelling story of success and growth. Pinpoint Media has established itself as a leader in billboard advertising across South Africa, boasting impressive statistics that reflect our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. In this blog post, we’ll dive into the key numbers that define Pinpoint Media, highlighting how our services can elevate your advertising campaigns and drive remarkable results.

Consistent Client Growth

Averaging 6 New Clients a Month

At Pinpoint Media, we pride ourselves on our ability to attract and retain a growing number of clients each month. Averaging six new clients every month, our client base continues to expand, reflecting the trust and confidence businesses place in our services. This steady growth demonstrates our reputation for delivering high-quality, effective billboard advertising solutions that meet the diverse needs of our clients.

Robust Campaign Management

Averaging 21 Campaigns a Month

Managing an average of 21 campaigns each month, Pinpoint Media is adept at handling a wide range of advertising initiatives. Our experienced team works closely with clients to develop, execute, and monitor campaigns that maximize reach and impact. From small local businesses to large national brands, we tailor our strategies to ensure that every campaign achieves its goals and delivers measurable results.
Extensive Billboard Bookings

Booking Roughly 218 Billboards a Month

One of the most significant indicators of our market presence is the sheer volume of billboard bookings we manage. On average, Pinpoint Media books approximately 218 billboards each month across South Africa.

This extensive network of billboards allows us to offer prime advertising locations in urban centers, along highways, and in rural areas, ensuring that our clients’ messages are seen by the right audiences at the right times.
Comprehensive Media Owner


Database of 159 Media Owners

Our success is also driven by our extensive database of 159 media owners. This diverse network enables us to provide clients with a wide range of advertising options, from digital billboards in bustling city centers to static billboards along high-traffic routes. By working closely with these media owners, we secure the best locations and competitive rates, enhancing the value and effectiveness of our clients’ advertising campaigns.

Why Choose Pinpoint Media for Your Billboard Advertising?

1. Proven Track Record

With an average of six new clients and 21 campaigns per month, Pinpoint Media’s proven track record speaks for itself. Our ability to consistently attract new business and manage a high volume of campaigns is a testament to our expertise and reliability in the OOH advertising industry.

2. Extensive Reach

Our average of 218 billboard bookings per month ensures that we have the reach and capacity to place your advertisements in the most strategic locations across South Africa. Whether you’re targeting local customers or aiming for national exposure, our extensive network can accommodate your needs.

3. Strong Industry Relationships

With a database of 159 media owners, Pinpoint Media has cultivated strong relationships within the industry. These partnerships allow us to offer a diverse range of billboard options and negotiate the best deals for our clients, ensuring maximum return on investment.

4. Customized Campaigns

Every client is unique, and so are their advertising needs. At Pinpoint Media, we tailor our campaigns to align with your specific goals, audience, and budget. Our team of experts collaborates with you to develop creative and effective billboard strategies that drive results.


Pinpoint Media’s impressive numbers highlight our leadership in the billboard advertising space in South Africa. From our growing client base and robust campaign management to our extensive billboard bookings and strong industry relationships, we are dedicated to helping businesses achieve their advertising objectives. By choosing Pinpoint Media, you gain a trusted partner committed to delivering impactful OOH advertising solutions that elevate your brand and connect with your audience.

For more information on how Pinpoint Media can help you maximize your advertising impact, contact us today. Let’s work together to create powerful billboard campaigns that drive success across South Africa.