20 | July

Pinpointing the need for a comprehensive ATL media partner

The Pinpoint Group has announced that it has completed a major rebranding which will focus on additional above the line marketing services designed to create a comprehensive agency offering.

Pinpoint Media is a buying and planning agency that has been offering clients a 360-degree media solution for over 10 years now. To date, Pinpoint Media has enabled brands to target various audiences via a broad portfolio of OOH platforms. However, with clientele ranging from media agencies through to smaller direct clients the need for additional ATL services has become apparent. Radio and TV advertising has been added to the offering, despite criticism for costly rentals, these mediums will increase campaign reach as well as offering the creative flare for reasonable prices.

Monnis Sarchi who is the managing director of the Pinpoint Group believes that the advanced media offering allows marketers a broader scope to engage with their clients. “We have witnessed the dire need for radio and TV advertising to combine within the OOH media offering space, with the relevant strategy teams and buyers I am confident our team will execute impactful campaigns across all the relevant platforms”.

From humble beginnings, Pinpoint Media has grown a clientele of over 500+ happy clients that understand the need for a marketing agency they can trust.