Tracking The OOH Advertising Pulse

The outdoor advertising industry is constantly advancing with the times. Combining the digital flare in the outdoor advertising world is a relatively new phenomenon to reach South Africa. The practical issue any billboard salesman is tasked with would be producing sufficient data which motivates client for further spend. For some reason insecurity has been ingrained within the outdoor media industry and has resulted in a decrease of pricing for billboard platforms. This has however led to a rise in innovative concepts from outdoor advertising companies. Out Of Home (OOH) advertising is one of the most lucrative and effective ways to advertise your business and there is sufficient data to back this up. Although the below statistics on billboard advertising are significantly different in South Africa, the underlying truth about OOH media is still relevant.
  • 37% commuters report noticing and outdoor advertising platform
  • 47% commuters reported receiving directional information from outdoor advertising
  • 68% commuters frequently make their shopping decisions while driving
  NEW OUTDOOR ADVERTISING ADDITIONS: Vicinity Media has brought a GEO fencing platform which has been combined with outdoor media companies to give clients that extra reach and data everyone has been looking for. Incentives like this are restoring the OOH media industry’s name while offering all campaigns that creative, data and digital flare needed. Many billboard owners across the country have decided to change the static billboards into digital ones. The endless creative opportunity which a motion creative can offer is second to none. All clients are getting hooked with the idea that there is no production costs where static billboards require printing and flighting for every outdoor campaign. TOWNSHIPS AND AIRPORTS: Townships are buzzing with foot traffic and Pinpoint Media understand the need to utilize this opportunity. Whether we using transit advertising platforms with the likes of Bus Branding, Bus Shelter branding, Taxi or taxi rank Branding and the list goes on. Offering clients the opportunity to brand public transport platforms will always offer value to lower LSM brands. Airports are a traffic hub for foreign and local travelers who are either looking for their next adventure or looking to close the next deal. There has been a larger influx of digital platforms within all major airports around South Africa, at the end of the day airport ads also need to keep relevant. Targeting high end decision makers has never been easier with digital slow lounge packages and other lounge branding opportunities that airport ads can offer. Whether you refer to it as Outdoor advertising, OOH media or advertising in general – It works and your brand should be using these outdoor platforms to expose your brand.