Communicating in the out of home (outdoor) advertising space can be time consuming, stressful, and expensive if not done properly. The amount of work it takes to research suppliers, negotiate fair prices, and execute campaigns on time can be costly.

The general process that any marketer will go through to execute a simple outdoor advertising campaign will be as follows:

  • (Once all internal budgets and strategy have been done) Finding all the relevant media owners who can offer the correct platforms in a given area for the campaign
  • Making contact/briefing each media owner with the scope of the campaign to find availability and other relevant information
  • Receiving and reviewing all the different proposals, this stage generally involves chasing down the salesman in order to meet the deadlines in place
  • Selecting the appropriate outdoor options and negotiating discounted rates
  • Signing contracts with each media owner to secure the sites and getting the different artwork requirements for each site
  • Accounts (PO’s, Invoices and MI’s to the various accounts teams)
  • Production (Sending artwork and chasing POF from the different production crews)

Media owners are constantly restructuring their inventory to ensure that their holding stands out from the average billboard company. In South Africa companies JV on various sites to try get an additional sales team on board that can take these billboards to market. Although there are other reasons for this tactical decision it most certainly adds strain on marketing teams to try pinpoint who is the right point of contact for booking the platforms.

With agencies like Pinpoint Media the process is streamlined to ensure that there is no headache and money wasted when it comes to executing an outdoor advertising campaign for your brand. Agencies differ in terms of the booking process although at Pinpoint Media we pride ourself on the simplicity and efficiency from the below:

  • One account head to be a single point of contact for your account that will handle any queries or briefs you might have.
  • Brief out your account head who will use a platform (depends on the agency as to which platforms is used) to brief the entire OOH industry for you.
  • One proposal is sent through in a format of your choice that already has discounted rates, availability and any other requirements client might have.
  • One Contract | One Chaselist (With all the different artwork requirements) | One Invoice | One POF document

Save yourself the time and admin of constantly meeting with the various media owners to hear about any updated inventory, that’s our job! We ensure that all South African media owners are kept under our radar and that no sites/mediums go unnoticed for the client.